Contest ends at: 18 Dec 2017 - 20:00
First Place

$5 Paypal
Second Place

$2 Paypal
Third place

$1 Paypal

What is this contest?
This is an online game with virtual pets where you have to care of your own virtual pet and also, you have to collect as much points, to get a chance to win one of our amazing prizes.

How to play?
First you must choose an virtual animal. Every animal has special needs, such as hunger, thirst, rest, happiness and health. Your virtual pet can become sick if not properly cared for, so be careful with your virtual pet!

There are also prizes in the game?
Yes! All players have the chance to win a prize. After you register, you must gather as many points you can and at the end of the round, the top players will win various prizes (depending on the number of awards). Usually our prizes are in cash, payed in Paypal.

How do I earn points?
You can collect points by gambling or by sending your special link to your friends, every visitor who visits your pet can give you one point per day.

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Latest winners! Congratulation for all!

Posted by Raise Pet on 9 Noiembrie 2017